Qochyax from Sunset Bay, April, 2007
  Qochyax  is a big rock jutting out of the Pacific Ocean near the entrance to Sunset Bay in Southwestern Oregon.

It was formerly known as Squaw Island.   It’s barely an island, and then only for the part of the day when the tide is high.  Steep cliffs and slippery rocks on the shoreline make it difficult to get to the island all day.   And when you get to Qochyax (pronounced coke-yaw), it's not easy to get to the flat surface on top.   In past years, once you got there, good cover was provided by dense underbrush and several large trees.

It was called Squaw Island many years ago because of tales that told of the Coos Indians hiding their women and children there to keep them away from the white man. The name was changed in 2006 when Indian tribes complained about negative place names in Oregon.